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Welcome to LostLiners.com! We’ve just completed an overhaul and we’re glad you’re here to learn about ocean liners, their role in our history and the incredible stories so many of these ships have. Ocean liners have carried hopes and dreams, immigrants and soldiers; they’ve dodged icebergs and submarines, capturing the hearts of so many along the way. For most, the end of a glorious run was a most undignified tow to ‘the breakers’ – the last shipyard. For those people enjoying their first time here, please bear in mind we have just overhauled the site and it took a while just to get the right framework in place and that there are a LOT of ships here, but not all of them are visible just yet. We’ve been working hard to convert the old page styles over to the new framework. Time consuming to say the least, but if you are looking for a specific ship and don’t see it, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do about getting some information for you!!! For regular visitors, you know more than anyone how much the site has changed; if you don’t see a ship that was once on the site, fear not – we are working to get all the ships back up. Be patient! And if you know WordPress and would like to help out, please Join the Crew!!!! In the meantime I hope you enjoy your visit and learn a lot!

– Robert Betz Owner | Webmaster LostLiners.com

The Unsinkable Ship that Sank Take every breath that escapes your lips, Treasure it like fine gold, Take the warm bed you sleep in, And never take it for granted. Take the life you have, Live it to the fullest, Every minute of every hour of every day, Because you never know when it could end,

A dream voyage out at sea, Ended many lives so easily, The cold dark waters took many souls, After the ocean blasted through all the hulls, Remember that voyage, the confidence it shone, Remember all the people, who never made it home.

The R.M.S. Titanic, The name echoes throughout history, The unsinkable ship, That sank, The unsinkable ship, That changed the world, Lying at the bottom of the Atlantic, The corpse of a dead dream, The icon of realization, So many lost at sea, So many, that could have been saved. RIP Titanic, RIP all the lives that sank with you – Skyler Betz | Daughter of Rob Betz – Owner of LostLiners.com

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