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Ask just about anyone to name a famous ocean liners and they’ll instantly blurt out the name Titanic. This ship has come to epitomize an entire era and the tragic tale of her one and only crossing resonates still, nearly 100 years later. This ship embodied the splendor of the last peaceful era in modern history. She also underscored the fundamental flaws in our society.

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Caronia (1948)

After World War II, the Cunard White Star Line operated three ships on the Southampton—New York run. The famous RMS Queen Mary and RMS Queen Elizabeth operated an express service, with the smaller and slower RMS Mauretania sailing as the third ship on the route. Already in 1946 the company placed an order for a running mate to the Mauretania, a ship of similar speed and proportions for the transatlantic run. Ultimately this was not to be the role of the new ship. Continue reading Caronia (1948)


The youngest sister ship of Olympic and Titanic was to be White Star Line’s largest and most extravagant vessel yet. RMS Gigantic was to be her designation. She would fulfill Bruce Ismay’s dream of a trio of gargantuan liners that would set a new standard in ocean travel and establish White Star Line as the one and only Line to travel on. Gigantic was still on the stocks at Harland & Wolff when Titanic sank. Construction ground to a halt amid rumors of faulty construction and inadequate lifesaving measures. Both the owners and builders wanted to know how their “unsinkable” ship had sank. More importantly, they wanted to know how they could prevent it from happening again. Continue reading Britannic


Adriatic was the last (and fastest) of White Star’s “Big Four”, which included her sister ships Celtic, Cedric and Baltic. She average a full knot faster than her predecessors due to larger engines that generated 17,000shp compared to 14,000shp on the earlier vessels. She was promoted, so to speak, to the Southampton run after her maiden voyage from Liverpool on May 8th 1907. Continue reading Adriatic