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Sadly, 8 out of 10 of the sites we’ve previously linked to are gone. But, it’s just another indication of the enduring power of! The links below have been checked as of 3/17/2011 and are still valid. Should you find a dead link or that we are linked to a non-liner site, please let us know! Thanks and enjoy these sites in your quest for knowledge about the grand ladies of the sea!
This site by author Daniel Aleen Butler presents an exciting, informative, and accurate stories and narratives, videos and images, of the most famous steamship ever built, the RMSTitanic.
The home of Virtual Sailor and Vehicle Simulator, two amazing programs for simulating various vehicles, including, of course, ocean liners!

Andrea Doria in Miniature
Jacob Denneman of the Netherlands has constructed this site to detail the construction of an absolutely AMAZING model of Andrea Doria; right down the smallest detail inside and out.

Brian Hawley’s Olympic and Caronia Pages
Brian Hawley presents you with a wonderful tribute to the lovely ladies Olympic and Caronia with fabulous pictures. A must see for Liner Lovers!

Reto Raeth’s Postcards and Collectibles
Antique Collectible Ship Postcards for Sale. Site is in Swiss and English.

PORT: The Maritime Information Gateway
Port is a maritime based information portal providing a searchable and browsable database that will provide you with a vast array of web sites to visit covering maritime subjects!

A new site featuring many ocean liner antiques and collectibles! A must see for the ocean liner entusiast!

This site chronicles the life and death of the great White Star ship and current salvage efforts aimed at recovering an alleged treasure contained in her hold!

The Unoffical Holland America Home Page
This site and its links are dedicated to the love of Ocean Liners and notably, the 128 year history of the Holland America Line.

Photography DuCoeur
This site features photos by Southern Californian Robert de Crevecoeur, a man with an eye for ships and the sea and a passion for wonderful photos.

S. S. Australis
An informative site by the former gym instructor aboard S.S. Australis, AKA American Star.

PBS Online: Lost Liners
PBS Web site dedicated to the recent television broadcast of “Lost Liners” with an interview with Bob Ballard.

Artscapes by Ginger
Some of the most beautiful paintings I have ever seen, including a FABULOUS rendition of Lusitania moments before she was sank!

Formerly the Web site of the Queen Mary Foundation

Joanne Loughran’s Normandie Tribute
Her Father was the orchestra leader in 1937 and 1939!

Deck Plans of the R.M.S. Aquitania
Menu America Hurrah’s tribute to Cunard’s Queen

Table Bay Underway Shipping – Ship Photographers
Some beautiful photographs from Cape Town!

Andrea Doria – Tragedy and Rescue at Sea – Wonderful site by a man who was only 3 years old when he was lowered over the side of the sinking Italian liner!

Ship Shape
Antique Nautical and Ocean Liner Memorabilia and Collectibles


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