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An invitation to the launch

Visitors inspect the propellers

Lusitania prior to launch

Lusitania launch

Crowd watches the launch

Lusitania in New York Harbor

Lusitania docks in New York

Life Aboard Lucy

First Class Cabin

First Class Sitting Room

First Class Lounge

First Class Dining Room

First Class Smoking Room

Barber Shop

First Class Reading/Writing Room

Verandah Cafe

Second Class Cabin

Second Class Cabin

Second Class Public Room

Third Class Cabin

Final Voyage

Lusitania prepares to depart

Alfred Vanderbilt

Charles Frohman

Margaret Mackworth

Walther Schwieger

One last view of New York

The last photo of Lusitania

British warships on patrol

Torpedo attack on a merhcant ship

Lusitania's boatdeck

Lusitania's boatdeck

Lusitania's boatdeck

The crew of the U-20

Depiction of the attack from
the magazine "Sphere"

Painting of Lusitania by
Ginger Mohlie
Artscapes by Ginger

1915 depiction of the attack

1915 depiction of the torpedo impact

1915 depiction of the sinking

1915 depiction of the sinking

1915 depiction of the sinking

1915 depiction of the sinking

The Aftermath

Lusitania survivors

Lusitania survivors

An American victim is carried through town draped in the US flag

Victims are placed in coffins

A hearse prepares to depart
with a Lusitania victim

Funeral procession out of Queenstown for unidentified victims

Mass grave for the unidentified
victims of the sinking.

Cunard offices in London was swamped by people looking for news about the sinking

A rather disturbing photo of childre playing in Lusitania lifeboats at Queenstown.

Service at Westminster Abbey
for the victims of the sinking

1915 New York Times front page
reports on the disaster

The Official Inquiry

The Official Inquiry

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