On May 7th, 1915 a German U-boat sank RMS Lusitania off the coast of Ireland. 1,195 people perished on a sunny spring afternoon, including 128 Americans. You will find that many fine ships went to the bottom during the course of both World Wars. Liners, because of their size and speed, were often used as troop transports and hospital ships. They were even used as auxiliary cruisers. Lusitania, however, was sailing as a civilian vessel. Although she was carrying munitions, her passengers and crew were civilian. In spite of this, the German sub commander fired one (maybe two) torpedoes into her side and sent her to the bottom in 18 minutes. One of the first "floating palaces", Lusitania had barely entered her prime when she was struck down. Today her wreck, battered and broken, lies as a sad monument to the perils of war and as a testament to the grandeur that was once the Golden Age of Ocean Travel...

I am pleased to finally bring you the story of this magnificent vessel. Read and remember Lucy's story. Her loss and the loss of 1,195 lives was as senseless a tragedy as there has ever been. Learn about the controversy surrounding her cargo and decide for yourself what is heavily debated; was Lusitania simply a victim of war or was she being used to ship more than just munitions, sailing under the guise of a commercial liner?

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